5 Steps to Integrate Stripe with your App

Sandy Fargus, Tech Writer for Salable

Stripe is a great tool for taking payments online. However it does have some limitations. By combining Stripe with Salable, you can easily integrate Stripe with your app. This will let you take payments, set up multiple plans for a single app and easily manage licenses and subscriptions. With this extra control and flexibility, you can make the most of both Stripe and the app you worked hard to create.

So how do you integrate your Stripe account into your app? You just follow these five steps.

  1. Sign up for Salable
    The signup process is easy. You create an organization where your apps will be managed. You can invite other team members to your organization so you can all work together to keep your customers happy and the revenue flowing. You can have multiple apps in the same organization or a separate one for each, using the same account. Do whatever works best for you.
  2. Connect Stripe to Salable
    To connect Stripe you will only need your API keys. Once you’ve put those into the Salable dashboard, all it takes is a couple of mouse clicks and your account is connected. If you need to, you can add multiple Stripe accounts to your organization and give each of them names — so you know when to use each one. However each app can only be linked to one Stripe account.
  3. Set up Your Product and Plans
    ‘Product’ is the name for the container for all the plans you want to add to your app. You can use it to easily assign the features of your product to different types of plan. This means you can easily offer a basic option with only a few features and at the same time offer a more advanced plan with all the bells and whistle you have to offer.
    You can offer free plans, add new plans, modify plans or remove old ones. This flexibility allows you to easily make changes as you figure out what’s the right pricing structure for your app. All these plan options also come with recurring subsctiptions and evaluation periods as well. It’s a great tool to help you get the perfect sales platform for your app.
  4. Put your Pricing Table in your App
    Once you’ve set up your product and your plans, you need to tell your customers about them. All you need to do is copy the custom pricing table into your website or checkout flow and all the options are presented in an easy to follow format.
  5. Connect Salable to your App
    The final step is to connect your app to Salable. It’s easy to generate an API Key from the Salable dashbaord and all the IDs you will need are easily accessible from the dashboard. Once you’ve built your logic checks you’re all set.

So five steps is all it takes to connect your Stripe account to your app, in a way that gives you maximum flexibility to find the full market potential.

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Tweet from Neal Riley saying "Commercial freedom and flexibility is a must for any digitally enabled business. @SalableApp gives you the tools to build your SaaS business."

Tweet from Neal Riley saying "Commercial freedom and flexibility is a must for any digitally enabled business. @SalableApp gives you the tools to build your SaaS business."