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Per-Seat Pricing for your SaaS products

Charge subscription owners based solely on the number of seats they have purchased. Per-seat pricing is transparent, scalable, and very popular with SaaS developers and customers.

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Why subscription owners love Per-Seat pricing

Per-seat pricing provides subscription owners with a pricing structure that is transparent and easy to manage.


Each seat offers uniform access to the functionality provided in the plan, requiring no additional tweaking or assignment from the subscription owner.

Prices are clear

With one fixed price per seat, Subscription owners (and their financial teams) can easily calculate exactly how much they need to budget for your product.

Onboarding is easy

Users across the organisation can be onboarded without the need for IT department involvement.

It's flexible

Subscription owners can add, remove or reassign seats, and even leave seats unassigned and ready for new hires.

It scales

Subscription owners can add new seats at any time as the organisations scale in usage or headcount.

Why developers love Per-Seat Billing

Per-seat pricing provides developers with a steady income stream and hands-off user management.

Customers prefer it

The transparent pricing and low maintenance of per-seat pricing makes it a straightforward choice for subscription owners, especially when they need to justify their purchase within their organisation.

Anything is a seat

Almost any resource can be assigned a seat, whether it's a Trello board or a Slack channel. This widens the scope of per-seat pricing, making it applicable across a variety of SaaS ecosystems.

Set minimum seats

Plans can be configured with a minimum seat count, ensuring a baseline monthly or yearly revenue for the developer, even if the user decreases their usage.

It's low maintenance

Subscription owners manage user onboarding autonomously, without relying on IT or developer support.

A regular revenue

Unlike billing tied to usage, per-seat billing delivers a dependable and consistent revenue stream.

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Kolekti uses Per-seat to sell Power Ups for Trello boards

For some apps and some ecosystems, selling consumption per-user doesn't make sense. For Kolekti's line of Trello Power-Ups it made more sense to apply the pricing model to Per-board.

In their model, unlimited users can access Trello boards on the Subscription owner's instance, and it's the board count that is billed.

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Per-seat billing delivers a dependable and consistent revenue stream.

Offer your subscription customers the chance to pay less for ordering a larger volume of units. Set pre-defined tiers for subscriptions and incentivize purchases while rewarding customers for their loyalty.

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