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Simplify authentication and monetisation with Clerk and Salable

When it comes to rapidly implementing secure authentication in your application, it doesn't get much simpler than Clerk. Create an account, implement some pre-built...

Luke Glazebrook
10 Apr 2024

Staying compliant with Canada's AML regulations

Canada is one of the big players in the global economy. With a marketplace worth around 2 trillion, it's a hotspot for international trade, drawing investors from all...

Jyoti Jaswani
03 April 2024

Beyond payments: Salable's flexible, insightful monetisation solutions

You know, it's not just about crafting an awesome app (though that's super important, of course). It's also about figuring out how to sell it, how to license it...

Jyoti Jaswani
01 Mar 2024

Per-seat (per-user) billing - make money with this flexible pricing model

In this software-as-a-service (SaaS) era, finding a pricing model that's simple, scalable, and predictable is like finding a pot of gold

Jyoti Jaswani
14 Feb 2024

Overcoming common challenges faced by SaaS entrepreneurs

So you've decided to take the plunge into the exciting world of SaaS entrepreneurship, huh?

Jyoti Jaswani
01 Dec 2023

Salable Configure: Configuring Salable Made Easy

Up until now when getting started with Salable, you had two choices for configuring your account, products, plans, etc.

Coner Murphy
24 Nov 2023

Easily monetise your Remix application with Salable

In this guide, I'm going to showcase just how easy it is to monetise web applications built using the []( framework...

Luke Glazebrook
10 Nov 2023

Creating and monetising a Trello Power-Up using Salable!

In this post, we’re going to look at how you can go about creating a new Trello Power-Up and monetise it using Salable so you can easily charge users to get access to...

Coner Murphy
27 Oct 2023

Creating and Cancelling Licenses in Test Mode Using the Salable API

Recently, we added the new test mode feature to Salable which gives you a perfect place to experiment with Salable

Coner Murphy
19 Oct 2023

7 SaaS Pricing Models - which one is right for your business?

When you think about ways to pay - and get paid - for an app, it's natural for subscriptions to spring to mind. It's the norm; it's standard - it's what most people do.

Jyoti Jaswani
11 Oct 2023

Salable CLI: Your Gateway to Getting Started

There are many varied ways to interact with the Salable platform, each with their own sets of functionality and recommended uses. In this guide, we’re going to be looking

Luke Glazebrook
6 Oct 2023

5 Steps to building a successful business: A quick guide for app creators and SaaS startups

So, you've got a killer app idea or want to start a SaaS startup, huh? That's awesome! But before you dive into the code...

Jyoti Jaswani
6 Sep 2023

Top 5 SaaS payment providers for your business

As you know, we're in an ever-evolving digital landscape whe As you know, we're in an ever-evolving digital landscape whe As you know, we're in an ever-evolving dig

Jyoti Jaswani
7 July 2023

TECH BLOG #6: How to Automatically Create PlanetScale Database Branches From Bitbucket Pipelines

PlanetScale offers many features but one of the most powerful and interesting ones is the ability to branch databases and their schemas.

Coner Murphy
23 May 2023

Why giving your customers a good cancellation experience is good for your SaaS business

Giving your customer a simple and easy way to cancel their subscription is another way to provide good user experience.

Jyoti Jaswani
05 April 2023

Got a SaaS business? Look after your customers with an easy upgrade option

Allow your customers the flexibility of upgrading and downgrading their subscription if you have a subscription-based business model.

Jyoti Jaswani
29 Mar 2023

What you need to know about selling your app on a marketplace (and an alternative)

If you identify as an ‘app vendor’ (aka a dev who built an app and now sells it), you’re in today's SaaS economy.

Jyoti Jaswani
03 March 2023

Grow your app business with usage-based billing, and Salable

A fixed amount to pay each month allows your customers to budget easily. We also suggested ways you could improve your service further!

Jyoti Jaswani
24 January 2023

Selling subscriptions to your app? Manage your customers on Salable with a Grace Period

Manage your customers on Salable with a Grace makes for a better customer experience

Jyoti Jaswani
01 Feb 2023

Interview with a Dev - where we chat tech blogs, SaaS licensing and the Salable dev culture

Coner talks about the dev culture at Salable and why Salable can help devs. He also shares key tips on what makes a good tech blog! Let’s dive right in..‍

Jyoti Jaswani
26 Jan 2023

Why it makes sense to build SaaS apps with monetisation in mind

When you’ve got a great idea that turns into an even greater product, it’s tempting to give users the whole kit and caboodle,

Tech Blog #5: Automatically sync multiple repositories versions using GitHub Actions

We have a custom JavaScript library for our pricing table, at a high level this JS library is responsible for displaying a product’s various pricing tables...

Coner Murphy
9 Dec 2022

Stripe Connect; Why integration benefits the developer, their customer and Salable

It opens up the door for any other monetary transactions like wallets for example…anything that Stripe offers as a service, we can then offer that too...

Jyoti Jaswani
30 Nov 2022

Tech Blog #4: How to version all packages synchronously, in a monorepo using Lerna

Today we are setting up automatic versioning of packages inside of a monorepo using Lerna. There are many ways in which you can do this with different technologies...

Coner Murphy
22 Nov 2022

Evaluations in SaaS; how they work, why offer them and what’s it got to do with Stripe?

The past decade working with Multi-Sided Platforms has taught me a thing or two…I’ve been afforded great opportunities to experience the world of the platforms and their

Conor Murphy

Tech Blog #3: Using a private GitHub repository as an NPM package in another repository

Creating NPM packages is an easy and convenient way to share code across multiple projects. But, if you want to keep the package private and are unwilling to pay for the

Coner Murphy
07 Nov 2022

Platforms…ecosystems…marketplaces and how Atlassian got it right (part 1)

Atlassian did something very smart from its earliest days and it’s a significant factor in its continued success. They went from being a product company to a platform com

Jyoti Jaswani
01 Nov 2022

Interview with an App Creator (part 2)

Apple is really competitive, you need to spend a lot of money or time to get traction in the App Store. Apple users are used to paying for apps and this is why it’s...

Interview with an App Creator (Part 1)

I wanted to build a habit tracker because I thought it would be an easy application that would take 5 to 6 months to create. My prototype looked like...

Dev Team Lead PoV; solving a SaaS problem

We’ve been working hard over the past 12 months to solve all the problems we had in running our SaaS business. This was everything from taking payment...

Jay Smith

Tech Blog #2 Salable Package Architecture

Over the last few months, we’ve been working on a new Global Design System (GDS) for Salable. But as part of this process, we’ve also had to make several decisions...

Salable tech blog #1 Fixing the ‘Create New Product’ form

Earlier this week I picked up a new ticket to work on for our MVP, it was a bug regarding our ‘Create New Product’ form...

Conor Murphy