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5 Steps to building a successful business: A quick guide for app creators and SaaS startups

So, you've got a killer app idea or want to start a SaaS startup, huh? That's awesome! But before you dive into the code...

Jyoti Jaswani
6 Sep 2023

Top 5 SaaS payment providers for your business

As you know, we're in an ever-evolving digital landscape whe As you know, we're in an ever-evolving digital landscape whe As you know, we're in an ever-evolving dig

Jyoti Jaswani
7 July 2023

TECH BLOG #6: How to Automatically Create PlanetScale Database Branches From Bitbucket Pipelines

PlanetScale offers many features but one of the most powerful and interesting ones is the ability to branch databases and their schemas.

Coner Murphy
23 May 2023

Why giving your customers a good cancellation experience is good for your SaaS business

Giving your customer a simple and easy way to cancel their subscription is another way to provide good user experience.

Jyoti Jaswani
05 April 2023

Got a SaaS business? Look after your customers with an easy upgrade option

Allow your customers the flexibility of upgrading and downgrading their subscription if you have a subscription-based business model.

Jyoti Jaswani
29 Mar 2023

What you need to know about selling your app on a marketplace (and an alternative)

If you identify as an ‘app vendor’ (aka a dev who built an app and now sells it), you’re in today's SaaS economy.

Jyoti Jaswani
03 March 2023

Grow your app business with usage-based billing, and Salable

A fixed amount to pay each month allows your customers to budget easily. We also suggested ways you could improve your service further!

Jyoti Jaswani
24 January 2023

Designing a SaaS product for devs to build a SaaS business

If you reverse-engineer how you'd achieve something e.g. the plans and the way features are populated - that kind of stuff - you start to see how you build that, or how y

Jyoti Jaswani
15 Feb 2023

Set up your app with Salable in under 60 seconds

At Salable we like to keep things simple for our customers. Whether you're creating an account, or ready to issue licences, we've got you covered.

Jyoti Jaswani
08 Feb 2023

Tech Blog #5: Automatically sync multiple repositories versions using GitHub Actions

We have a custom JavaScript library for our pricing table, at a high level this JS library is responsible for displaying a product’s various pricing tables...

Conor Murphy

Tech Blog #4: How to version all packages synchronously, in a monorepo using Lerna

Today we are setting up automatic versioning of packages inside of a monorepo using Lerna. There are many ways in which you can do this with different technologies...

Conor Murphy

Tech Blog #3: Using a private GitHub repository as an NPM package in another repository

Creating NPM packages is an easy and convenient way to share code across multiple projects. But, if you want to keep the package private and are unwilling to pay for the

Conor Murphy

Platforms…ecosystems…marketplaces and how Atlassian got it right (part 1)

Atlassian did something very smart from its earliest days and it’s a significant factor in its continued success. They went from being a product company to a platform com

Jyoti Jaswani
01 Nov 2022

5 Steps to Integrate Stripe with your App

Stripe is a great tool for taking payments online. However it does have some limitations. By combining Stripe with Salable, you can easily integrate Stripe with your app.

Jyoti Jaswani
19 Oct 2022

Tech Blog #2 Salable Package Architecture

Over the last few months, we’ve been working on a new Global Design System (GDS) for Salable. But as part of this process, we’ve also had to make several decisions...

Part 3 Designing Salable; the role of the designer is to translate the needs of the team…and the user

Continuing our conversation about the design of Salable and how a designer can best support development.

Jyoti Jaswani
05 October 22

Part 2 Designing Salable; how a UI is never really finished and how to use feedback

In the continued conversation we talk about design as exploration and design as means of communication.

Jyoti Jaswani
20 September 22

Salable; how to sign-up

#1 in the series of short videos to explain how Salable works. Learn more and get access to Salable.

Hello people with great (app) ideas!

We’re Salable and this is the place where you sell your app and manage your SaaS business.

Jyoti Jaswani
27 July 2022

We’re Salable and this is the place where you sell your app and manage your SaaS business.

Hey there, we’re Salable. We’re here to help app developers, SaaS vendors and anyone who has a side-hustle with their own app. You can monetize your app via our platform,

Jyoti Jaswani
5 Sept 22'

Who are Salable and how can we help?

We were originally a small group of devs who wanted to help other devs with their apps…help them monetize their side-hustle...

Salable tech blog #1 Fixing the ‘Create New Product’ form

Earlier this week I picked up a new ticket to work on for our MVP, it was a bug regarding our ‘Create New Product’ form...

Conor Murphy

Designing Salable

One half of a conversation about the designing of Salable including the progress of the feature table.

Jyoti Jaswani
13 Sep 2022

Pay as you scale!

With our pricing model you only start paying once you are fully established and your SaaS products are making money. For more details get in touch with us.