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You’re in the right place. Monetise your app, manage your subscriptions and build your SaaS business.

Salable is available for early access now.

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Turn your idea into a SaaS business

We had a great idea too — and that's how Salable (pronounced Sale-a-ble) was born.

Salable has been designed with you in mind; app creators, SaaS start-ups, small app vendors. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to grow a SaaS business.

We’ve included everything you need to get going; Stripe and Paddle integration, so you can take payments for your app (if you want to). Product plans, where you differentiate between your products by deciding what features are included (or not). And how about a freemium, eval or premium version? That’s up to you too and you decide whether to charge per seat, per month or whatever fits your SaaS business model… 

And it doesn't matter what kind of app you’re thinking about or have developed. Salable has nothing to do with the industry or platform you want to create for. Whether you’re a newbie, or a seasoned developer, it doesn’t matter. We just want to remove some of the pain of managing a SaaS business. 

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Why should I turn my app into a SaaS business?

Well that’s up to you, but we’re here to help. Maybe you have a side hustle that you’d like to see grow into something more. Or you’re a developer who’d really like to do their own thing. Or perhaps you want to get into SaaS because it looks fun/entrepreneurial/lucrative. Whatever your why, we’re here to sort the how. If you can build it, then we can help turn it into a SaaS business.

Individual and Subscription License

It's pretty easy to get going

We have a short checklist:

Create an account
Set up your account and pricing plans
Put your Pricing Table on your site

Register for BETA

Our early-access beta will be invite only, so registering now will guarantee you get a place.


How can I use Salable to sell my app?

Salable generates a customer pricing table for you to add to your site or check-out flow. The last thing to do is connect your app to Salable by generating an API Key from our dashboard, where all the IDs are accessed. Build your logic checks and that’s it. 

How do I set up a SaaS business using Salable?

As the payment processing APIs are included, this means you can manage all the financial processes through Salable.

I don’t know anything about monetising an app, can Salable help me?

Absolutely. It will also ensure that you include monetisation into your next app, rather than it being an after-thought. As you go through the process of setting up your products (apps), Salable will ensure that you include a subscription model and price - even if you choose a free-of-charge option.  

How much does Salable cost?

Currently Salable is free of charge as we’re still in our introduction phase. We plan to offer additional tiered pricing at a later date….when we add more features and functionality.

How does my app work for my customer?

You’re selling a subscription which is associated to a team or space, rather than to an individual. So this means that everyone gets to use your app. (This is great because it's easier for everyone to manage and more people get to recommend it.)

What are the key features of Salable?

Easy integration to payment providers, create plans and pricing tables for your app, support multiple licensing subscriptions i.e. user based or not. 

Why wouldn’t I just set-up directly with Paddle or Stripe?

Salable is much more than a payment gateway - it includes capabilities that a payment processor doesn’t have. For example, you can create your products (apps) and add different capabilities or functionalities without additional APIs. You can also use ‘Features’ to create differences between the levels of products you offer. You have different payment plans and you can add as many as you need - with their own price, feature set, subscription term and evaluation period. 

You can also create and edit plans and pricing tables within Salable, which means they can be pasted onto your website or app.