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Salable is the all-in-one SaaS platform that helps you set
up and grow your business with simplicity and ease.

SSSSupercharge running your SaaS business

Works seamlessly with 20+ Frameworks

Trusted to sell thousands of licenses every day

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Subscription management

Easily manage upgrades, downgrades, grace periods and cancellations of subscriptions.

Flexible licensing

Choose how to bill your customers, flat rate, per seat, usage-based and more. Pick what works best for your business; the choice is yours.

Data analytics

Get actionable insights that help grow your business, leading to customer retention and better customer experience.

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Global payments

Integrate payment providers such as Stripe and Paddle and securely accept payments globally.

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Single APIs and SDKs

Essential tools for the development process, making it easier for developers to add new functionality and increase performance. One simple,  single, and central API to manage your entire SaaS business. 

Out-the-box pricing tables

Ready-made pricing tables for you to customise and paste straight onto your website, or host directly on Salable.

Created for the modern web

Created by developers who make SaaS products every day. We built Salable to solve our own problem!

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Pay as you scale!

With our pricing model you only start paying once you are fully established and your SaaS products are making money. For more details get in touch with us.