Usage-based pricing for your SaaS products 

Also known as consumption or metered, usage-based pricing provides flexibility for products and services that aren't suited to a fixed-price model.

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Why Subscription owners love usage-based pricing

Usage-based pricing ensures that subscription owners are only paying for what they have used within a specific period.


Customers with variable usage patterns save money during quieter periods.

Nothing upfront

Charges are taken at the end of the subscription cycle, with nothing to pay upfront.

Zero waste

Usage-based plans ensure customers only pay for what they truly need.

Full visibility

Subscription owners gain visibility into their usage, allowing them to adjust their consumption if necessary.

Cost effective

Paying based on consumption often proves to be more cost-effective than fixed-price models.

Why developers love love usage-based pricing

Usage-based pricing opens up a host of new opportunities for the types of SaaS products a developer can bill for.

Eventual consistency

By logging every usage request, we guarantee no utilisation is overlooked during downtimes, thus protecting your revenue.

Tailored plans

Design custom plans for customers needing just one feature of your product, billing them based on their usage of that singular feature.

Customers love it

The undeniable fairness and transparency of usage-based models simplify the decision-making process for customers.

Boosts Niche Apps

Single-function or simple apps become more appealing with usage-based sales models.

Saassy makeover

Developers can adapt or retool existing products to fit a new, usage-based pricing model.


Kolekti uses Per-seat to sell Power Ups for Trello boards

For some apps and some ecosystems, selling consumption per-user doesn't make sense. For Kolekti's line of Trello Power-Ups it made more sense to apply the pricing model to Per-board. In their model, unlimited users can access Trello boards on the Subscription owner's instance, and it's the board count that is billed.

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