Our roadmap

Features on which to build your SaaS business


Tiered Billing user volume

Vendor bills based on number of users; more customers, reduced price

New feature

Promotional and discount codes

Vendor can implement, set time period and manage discounts, coupons, FoC and promotional offers for end users.

New feature

Enhanced Metrics and Analytics

Improved metrics and KPI's

New feature


Vendor can implement subscription co-termination; consolidate/merge end user subscription to synchronise renewal/expiration dates.

New feature


Per User Billing

Subscription charged on a per user basis.

New feature

Salable SDK

Software Developer Kit available

Developer Tools

Salable CLI

Command Line Interface available

Developer Tools

Salable payments

Powered by Stripe

New feature

Hosting pricing tables on Salable

Vendors can host multiple pricing tables on Salable with customisation options; colour, logo, text.

New feature

Metrics and Analytics

Captures the number of vendor customers who become paying subscribers, following a free trial period.

New feature


Subscription upgrade/downgrade

End user can upgrade and downgrade their subscriptions.

New feature

Subscription cancellation by end user

End user can cancel their subscription

New feature

Vendor Subscription Cancellation

Vendor can cancel a customer subscription

New feature

Usage based billing

Vendor can track how much their customer uses and bill/charge for the amount of services used.

New feature

Subscription Grace Period

Vendor can set a grace period to allow continued access to features for a specified period.

New feature