Per-seat (per-user) billing - make money with this flexible pricing model

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In this software-as-a-service (SaaS) era, finding a pricing model that's simple, scalable, and predictable is like finding a pot of gold. Enter per-seat billing (also referred to as per-user billing), the popular kid on the pricing block. 

With this model, the price your customer pays depends on the number of user licenses needed. This could be a number of specified users or a number of Trello board IDs, for example.

Before we dive into how to implement per-seat billing via the Salable platform, let's explore some of the perks of this pricing model.

Benefits of per-seat (per-user) pricing

1. It's as easy as 1-2-3

Imagine your customer pays $50 per seat per month. Add more seats, and the price doubles, triples, and so on. It's simple maths! No mind-boggling calculations here. So, taking the above image as an example, your customer understands that their monthly subscription would be $50 x 12 = $600. It's a piece of cake! 

2. Your revenue grows with their squad

As your customer grows and hires more awesome people, their subscription fees will increase accordingly. That means your revenue scales with their adoption. It's a win-win! And your customers only pay for the level of service they need, giving them a predictable cost.

3. Full access for all

With per-seat billing, everyone gets equal access to all the fantastic features. There are no hidden fees or restricted access based on subscription tiers. Everyone can unleash their productivity without any limitations. Collaboration, here we come!

4. Get teams on board quickly

When pricing is based on headcount, getting your customer's entire organisation on board is super easy. There's no need to worry about extra costs for specific features or limited functionality. Everybody gets access to everything right from the start. It's a great way to drive adoption and keep teams engaged.

5. Budget like a pro

Budgeting and cash flow forecasting just got a whole lot simpler. With per-seat billing, your customers can easily calculate their cost by multiplying the number of seats by the per-seat price. No more headaches! They'll know exactly what they need to pay, helping them make informed financial decisions.

At Salable, we understand that monetisation plus flexibility is key. That's why we've introduced per-seat billing. Whether your customers are small startups or big-shot enterprises, this pricing model adapts to their needs. They only pay for what they use, allowing them to scale up or down effortlessly!

So how does per-seat billing work on Salable?

Simplicity and ease is our mantra. At Salable, we don't like to overcomplicate things. We're here to help you get set up easily so you can make money with this pricing model. 

So why wait? Experience the flexibility and value of per-seat billing with Salable, and simplify your billing process today. It's totally free to sign up, plus you can play around in our test mode environment, so there are no strings attached. Go ahead, give it a try! To get started implementing per-seat billing get early access here, and check out our documentation for more info!

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Tweet from Neal Riley saying "Commercial freedom and flexibility is a must for any digitally enabled business. @SalableApp gives you the tools to build your SaaS business."

Tweet from Neal Riley saying "Commercial freedom and flexibility is a must for any digitally enabled business. @SalableApp gives you the tools to build your SaaS business."

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