5 Steps to building a successful business: A quick guide for app creators and SaaS startups

So, you've got a killer app idea or want to start a SaaS startup, huh? That's awesome! But before you dive into the code, let's break down the building blocks of a successful business in our digital-driven world. Ready to boil it down to five simple steps? Let's go…

1. Spot a market need

There's no point building something nobody wants, right? Your golden ticket is finding a need that's currently underserved or entirely off the radar. So go ahead: explore, research, and nose around for gaps that your future oh-so-incredible product can tackle. Basically, you need to scratch an itch nobody else is reaching.

2. Craft your value proposition

Now that you've found the problem, your product is swooping in to save the day! This is exactly what your potential customers need to know. So, make it loud - and clear. This is your value proposition. Tell them why your product is the superhero they've been waiting for.

3. Whip up a minimum viable product (MVP)

With your value proposition at hand, it's MVP time! This is basically the "lite" version of your grand idea. The purpose here? To release something quickly, test it out, learn the ropes, and keep tweaking your product until it fits your customers like a glove.

4. Get your monetisation strategy straight

Let's not beat around the bush - you want your app or SaaS to rake in some cash. And for that, you need an effective, well-thought-out strategy on how you'll monetise. Are you thinking of subscriptions? In-app purchases? Ads? Find the sweet spot that works for your business and adds value for your customers.

5. Measure, dig deep, make it better 

And now, we're onto keeping your dreams growing. How? By keeping track and learning from the right metrics! Measure everything you can: user behaviour, system performance, cash flow - you name it. The more you know, the more you can keep improving and making better decisions.

Building a successful business is no small feat. And chances are there'll be plenty of bumps in the road. But that’s okay; you'll need to work hard, but if you focus and dedicate yourself to delivering value to your customers, you'll reach many wins before you know it. 

In fact, this is how Salable was born. We had an idea, followed the above five steps, and here we are today. It certainly didn't happen overnight, but we got there. And so can you! And the best bit is you can run a successful business using Salable. It's the reason we built what we did! So people like you can come to us, and we can do all the heavy lifting for you! Check us out, it's worth it, we promise.

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Tweet from Neal Riley saying "Commercial freedom and flexibility is a must for any digitally enabled business. @SalableApp gives you the tools to build your SaaS business."

Tweet from Neal Riley saying "Commercial freedom and flexibility is a must for any digitally enabled business. @SalableApp gives you the tools to build your SaaS business."

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